The Village

Borgo di Vezzano is located on the beautiful hills surrounding Florence, only 15 km far from the Tuscany’s capital, cradle of art and history of the Italian Renaissance.

Its origins date back to 543 AD, when returning victorious from a battle, the Roman condottiere Vezio (Vettius) was given these lands as a reward. He settled there and had the first part of this ancient village built – as evidenced by the name Vezzano, i.e. “Vezio lands” – and started the cultivation of the olive tree in this particularly suitable territory.

Located within the protected natural area of the Calvana mountains, completely immersed in nature, surrounded by woods and olive groves, Borgo di Vezzano boasts of a strategic position overlooking the valley.

In this ancient village of a traditional Tuscan character, with alberese white stone houses, around 1000 AD a lookout tower was erected which belonged, together with a system of towers connected with the Castles of Calenzano and Legri, to the last safe outpost that protected Florence from enemy attacks from the North; partly demolished in 1500 to build the manor house, you can still see the original arched door inside the reception and part of its massive walls in the apartments.

The proximity to Florence, the beauty of the countryside, the organic farm products, its gastronomic riches, the selected furnishings and careful hospitality make Borgo di Vezzano a place that will leave you with unforgettable moments.

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